Tepid is the “safe zone” of temperatures for emergency drench shower and eye/face wash solutions. Stingray Systems serves North America’s commercial & industrial professionals so you can select, specify, quote, and install the best tepid water solutions for your customers. Target customers operate workplaces and manage work teams in the racing/automotive, plumbing, commercial, industrial, and construction arenas. Proud to serve these dynamic industries, Stingray Systems is increasing access and proper use of patented emergency equipment, mixing valves, and eyewash safety solutions in a wide variety of environments.

Website: www.tepid.com

Currently Servicing: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida Panhandle

Featured Products:

    • Drench Shower & Combo Units
    • Emergency Shower/Eyewash Valves
    • Eye/Face Wash Units
    • Remote Emergency Systems