Sharpe Valves

Sharpe® valves are available in many product categories including stainless and carbon    steel ball valves;  stainless and carbon steel fire safe ball valves; gate, globe  and check valves; and control valve packages.

Sharpe®valves can be custom made according to varying specifications, design modifications and special needs.  Sharpe® is noted for its technical quality, service by an experienced staff of valve specialists, technical support, and readily available inventory that allows for prompt delivery while eliminating long lead times.


Featured Products:

  •  Cast & Forged Steel and Stainless Steel Gate, Globe & Check Valves
  •  Economy Stainless & Carbon steel Ball Valves
  •  High Performance, High Purity, Fire Safe & Specialty Service Ball Valves
  •  Multiport & Seal Welded Body Ball Valves
  •  Butterfly Valves
  •  Sanitary Valves
  •  Actuators

Currently Servicing: Alabama, Georgia